Mahoney - Briefcase-2

Marcia Mahoney is a visual artist, exploring issues of power, gender and feminism in the context of familial and societal expectations and messages. Her artistic journey follows a full career as a trial lawyer and an unexpected stint as a community librarian. With that background, she makes pictures that tell the stories she sees – her own, and those she found as a high school athlete at the dawn of Title IX, discrimination and harassment investigator and mediator, and life-long lover of fashion magazines, costumes and crowns.

Ten images from Marcia’s Infinite Pleasure portfolio are on display through April 2021 in the Pacific Northwest Viewing Drawers at Blue Sky Gallery, in Portland, Oregon. One of her favorite photographs, Paris Rain, is currently included in New York Center for Photographic Art’s Street Photography show. Since 2015, Marcia’s work has shown in museums and galleries across the United States, including the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana,  A. Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, the Center for Fine Art Photography, in Fort Collins, Colorado and the Los Angeles Center of Photography, to name a few. During the pandemic in 2020, Marcia has focused on work that explores the female experience, combining photographs, found objects, and spray and acrylic paint.

Marcia recently stepped down from a four-year term as treasurer of Chicago’s Filter Photo. She also is a member of f8collective, a group of seven women photographers who collaborate to create and show work. Both a city girl and a country girl, Marcia was born in western Michigan, and now lives in Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana

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  1. […] professional artist starts early in life and builds a portfolio of developing work over years. Marcia Mahoney breaks the mold, having gotten her to start as a professional fine art photographer later in life. […]


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